100 MagnaValve®

  • 400-2400 lb/min (181-1089 kg/min) flow rate range
  • Flows steel shot and grit


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CPN: 999089



  • Variable flow rates
  • No moving parts
  • Steel shot and grit
  • 400 – 2400 lb/min range
  • Normally closed
  • Manual-open loop systems

The Model 100 MagnaValve® is a normally closed magnetic valve suitable for regulation of
steel shot or grit. The MagnaValve will provide accurate and repeatable flow rates over a 400-2400 pounds-per-minute flow range when used with a Electronics Inc. AC Controller or  MC Controller.

The valve construction includes a permanent magnet for normally closed operation and an
electromagnet for controlling shot flow rates. By regulating the voltage to the electromagnet,
any desired flow rate may be achieved. When power is off, the valve will hold shot due to the
permanent magnet.





Power +60Vdc @ .95A
Media Steel Shot and Grit
Flow Output 400-2400 lb/min (181-1089 kg/min)
Weight 32 lb/14 kg
Temperature Range

32˚ – 167˚ F (0˚ – 75˚ C) or
32˚ – 212˚ F (0˚ – 100˚ C) with remote mounted valve driver




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