Aero-Almen Gage


Model: TSP-3 AA

To order:
Phone: 574-256-5001 or 1-800-832-5653

CPN: 999207


The Electronics Inc. (EI) Aero-Almen gage is precision crafted in the USA and available with all the features needed to satisfy the most stringent specifications. The Aero-Almen gage is designed to meet all of the requirements of Maintenance Engineering Order (A1116D).

The EI Aero-Almen gage has excellent repeatability due to its patented hold-down block. Four precision springs accurately hold the strips in place without distortion. A low-force indicator spring prevents distortion to the Aero-Almen aluminum strip. The base components are accurately placed and certified to meet all Almen gage specifications including:

  • MIL-S-13165C
  • SAE J 442
  • SAE AMS 2432
  • BAC 5730

The gage is supplied with 50 premium-grade Aero-Almen aluminum strips.
(US Patent 5,877,405)