70-24 Sensor

  • Used with air-blast machines
  • 24 Vdc
  • Ceramic, glass bead or plastic media

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CPN: 999399


  • Bending Beam Flow Rate Measurement Technology
  • ±5% full scale accuracy (standard)
  • Operates from 24 Vdc
  • Output signal is 0-10 Vdc
  • Optional ±1% accuracy calibration available
  • CE compliant

Bending Beam Flow Rate Measurement Technology provides a simple and highly accurate method of sensing the flow of particulate media. Falling media impacts the end of a thin blade. Measuring the displacement provides a direct measure of media flow rate. The displacement sensor output signal is scaled 0-10 Vdc to represent the media flow rate. Simple connections via USB port and cable to a Windows-based laptop computer and its Terminal program will allow selection of single or multi-point (up to ten points) calibration yielding ±1% accuracy. Additional advanced calibration can be used for applications requiring higher accuracy.
(US Patent 8,388,407 B1)


Power 24 Vdc
Media Non-Ferrous
Maximum Pressure 60 PSI
Temperature Range Valve: 40° – 110° F (5 – 43° C)
Flow Sensor Output 0 – 10 Vdc
Accuracy ±5% of full scale
Weight 10.8 lbs (4.9 kg)

Top (entry) and Bottom (exit) are 2″ NPT Female Threads
* Ceramic Bead or Glass Bead can be used with sensor. Other
non-ferrous materials, such as Aluminum Oxide (AlOx), may
be used in sensor by special arrangement. Contact factory
for more information.


70-24 Non-ferrous MagnaValve Sensor


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