FM-24 Monitor

  • Monitors media flow
  • Works with the 70-24 Sensor
  • 24 Vdc

To order:
Phone: 574-256-5001 or 1-800-832-5653

CPN: 999329


  • Companion to 70-24 Media Flow Sensor
  • Digital display of media flow rate
  • Dual normally open high-low alarm contacts
  • Alarm Band adjustable from 1-50% of full scale
  • Normally open “Flow OK” contacts
  • On-delay for alarm is adjustable from 0-10 seconds
  • Supplies signal to Sensor for “Enable” to activate output signal
  • Accepts remote alarm band setting
  • 24 Vdc
  • CE compliant

The FM-24 is a display unit with dual alarms that works with the model 70-24 Media Flow Sensor for non-ferrous media. The unit accepts a 0-10 Vdc signal from the sensor and shows the flow amount in the digital display. The expected media flow rate can be pre-programmed into the unit to set the upper and lower flow alarms. The alarms are inactive until a remote enable signal (24 Vdc) has been received. Whenever the media flow rate is outside the alarm limits, the high or low alarm LED will come on. If the condition lasts longer than the adjustable alarm time delay, the LED gets brighter and stays on until reset and the alarm relay contacts transfer to notify of fault condition. Momentary excursions into the alarm band will only light the LEDs momentarily. The alarms can be reset remotely by application of 24 Vdc alarm reset signal or they will be automatically reset upon the next application of the remote enable signal.
The FM-24 also provides a critical signal to the 70-24 Media Sensor. The Sensor has an automatic autozero feature to inhibit output signal drift during idle periods. Receipt of a remote enable signal at the sensor releases the auto-zero feature and allows proper media flow output signal transmission. The FM-24 receives a remote enable signal from the customer control panel and then re-transmits that signal to the sensor thus allowing proper signal processing.


Power +24 Vdc @ 0.5 A
Flow Sensor Input 0-10 Vdc into 100 K
Flow Enable Output 24 Vdc
Weight 1.3 lb/.59 kg
Display Range 0-1999
Decimal Points 1000, 100.00, 10.0
Alarm Band 0-50% of full scale
Alarm Delay 0-10 seconds
Enable Delay 0-10 seconds
Temperature Range (32°F – 122°F) 0°C – 50°C


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