Calibration Services




The Electronics Inc. #2 Almen Gage is shipped with a Certificate of Conformity that states that the gage’s construction and performance conforms to SAE J442.

The #2 Almen Gage should be calibrated annually to assure continued proper performance. We can conduct all the necessary measurements, adjustments and repairs to maintain the gage’s compliance to standard or special Almen gage requirements. Electronics Inc. uses a precision 9-hole template and step blocks to certify that the gage meets all the construction requirements of SAE J442. The 9-hole template and step blocks are inspected and certified annually by a qualified ISO/IEC 17025 accredited lab.

Our Calibration Service includes an inspection of the gage, replacement of balls and batteries, adjustment of the posts, and indicator calibration. Additional services include the replacement of the gage head if it shows excessive wear.

The Almen Gage Jr calibration service includes a replacement of the balls and the indicator tip for functionality and accuracy.

Note: The Almen Gage Jr cannot conform to SAE J 442 since it does not have a digital indicator with 0.0001” resolution. It does not qualify to AMS 2430 because it does not have endstops.

Calibration Blocks, Block Sets, and Kits are available for in-house Almen gage calibration.