Aero-Almen Aluminum Strips

To order:
Phone: 574-256-5001 or 1-800-832-5653

CPN: 999202


Premium grade Aero-Almen strips are packaged 50 per box.

Material  Length Width Thickness List Price/Strip List Price/Box
2024-T3 2.94-3.06 .745-.755 .031-.033 $5.78 $289.00


The Aero-Almen aluminum strip, made from material common to most aircraft structures, is blasted with the same technique used to strip the paint. If the strip shows any significant curvature (arc height), it is likely that the skin is being damaged and the process must be altered. The Aero-Almen gage is used to make the delicate reading of the thin aluminum test strip.

Use the Aero Almen aluminum strips with the Aero Almen strip holders and Aero Almen gage.  A complete Aero Almen test kit is available as well.