TSP-3 Computer Interface Device


To order:
Phone: 574-256-5001 or 1-800-832-5653
Email: sales@electronics-inc.com

CPN: 999144 / 999146


Entering multiple measurements is quick and easy with the TSP-3 Computer Interface Device. The device plugs into a computer’s USB port and pulls the value displayed on the Electronics Inc. #2 Almen Gage directly into a computer program (Excel, Word, or similar software). The TSP-3 Computer Interface Device eliminates typing errors and accelerates the measurement process. The device is controlled by a push-button or foot switch. There are no power requirements as the device is powered from the USB port and there are no drivers to load.

999144 is for Almen gages with serial numbers of 3155 or higher. (This gage has red digital indicator buttons.)
999146 is for Almen gages with serial numbers of 3154 or lower. (This gage has blue digital indicator buttons.)

The TSP-3 Computer Interface Device comes with:

  • USB cable
  • TSP-3 Computer Interface Device power cable
  • Foot switch

Does not include #2 Almen gage.