102 Power Pak

  • MagnaValve Control
  • 102 Vac & 48Vac
  • Provides open-loop system

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CPN: 999237


The Model 102 Power Pak produces the control signal to the MagnaValve to
provide convenient regulation of shot flow rates. The 102 Power Pak provides manual operation (an open loop system) for the LP2000 and the VLP1000 MagnaValve.

The Power Pak has a 11 pin plug on the bottom. An external control pot may be mounted near the wheel motor ammeter for operator convenience or multiple external
potentiometers can be selected for preprogrammed flow settings. A 0 – 5Vdc
or 0 -10Vdc signal from a plc can also be used for flow settings.




Power 120 Vac, 50/60 hz
10 VA
48 Vac, 50/60 hz 100 VA
Output PWM – +55Vdc
Range 0-100% Duty Cycle
Input 0 – 5Vdc or 0 – 10Vdc
Adjustments Max Limit
Output 0-100%
Indicators Green = 120Vac Power
Yellow = 48Vac Ready
Red = Output to valve
Temp. Range 40 – 100F