Almen Mini-Strips

  • A-M1
  • N-M1

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The Electronics Inc. (EI) mini-strip will verify shot peening intensity in areas that are too small and/or inaccessible with a standard-size Almen strip and holder. This approach replaces the laborious shaded-strip procedure with a faster and more accurate process. Shot peening technicians in aerospace and spring and gear manufacturers will appreciate the ease and convenience of the new process. The mini-strips measure 1” x 1/8” (25.4 mm x 3.175 mm) and can be attached with double-sided tape directly to a test component or simulated fixture—no need to allow room for a standard Almen holder. Plus, they’re ready-to-go—no need to make a shaded strip. Their small size makes them ideal for measuring intensity in small or hard-to-reach areas like dove-tail slots in jet engine disks, gear roots, and the internal bore of springs, without creating a complicated test fixture. The EI mini-strips must be used with the EI TSP-M gage.

The EI mini-strips are compliant to SAE J442.


Almen Mini-Strip Selector Guide with Pricing

Type-Grade Thickness (in./mm) Flatness/PreBow
Hardness ListPrice/
A-M1 0.0520 | 1.32
0.0500 | 1.27
±0.001/±0.025 HRC 44-50 $1.25 50 $62.50
N-M1 0.0320 | 0.0300
0.81 | 0.76
±0.001/±0.025 HRA 72.5-76 $1.49 50 $74.50
A and N strips are 1” length x .125” width (25.4 mm x 3.175 mm)
Grade 1 is a service mark owned by Electronics Inc.