J442 Almen Strip Holders




The Electronics Incorporated Almen test strip holders are industry standard J442 Almen holders. Special styles can be custom ordered including a variation with end feet. Alternate configurations of Almen holders are available on special request. All holders meet dimensional surface requirements of SAE J442 and are hardened to Rockwell C 58 or higher. Screws for strip attachment are supplied with each block. Additional screws are available.

All holders are through-hardened to minimum HRc 58 so  the surface can be re-finishied to maintain surface flatness requirements.

Threaded and non-threaded holders are also available — choose the design of Almen Holder that makes mounting your test strips easiest for you.

Note: MIL-S-13165 has been cancelled. The drawings of strips, holder and gage were in inches while SAE J442 measurements are metric. EI can supply to MIL-S-13165 at an additional cost. Please contact EI for more information.

See our Almen Strip Holder Flatness Gage for convenient and accurate measuring of your Almen strip holder.