MagnaValves for Air Blast Machines

The MagnaValve® reduces labor, media and energy cost while adding control and reliability to shot peening and blast cleaning processes.

How a MagnaValve® Works

The MagnaValve has rare earth permanent magnets for normally closed operation and an electromagnet for controlling media flow rates. With power applied, the magnetic field is neutralized and media is allowed to flow through the valve. When no power is applied to the MagnaValve, the permanent magnets stop all flow. If the power is interrupted for any reason, the permanent magnets securely hold the media, thereby virtually eliminating media leakage.

Benefits of a MagnaValve®

  • Built-in sensor to show the actual media flow rate in lb/minute or kg/minute
  • No moving parts for low-maintenance operation
  • Cost savings from the efficient use of media and lower media disposal fees
  • Many control options available
  • Compliance to specifications is readily attainable


  • No risk of machine malfunction due to running out of media during procedure
  • Requires less operator time
  • Available in 24 Vdc and 120 Vac models
  • Works with most steel media sizes
  • Over 32 years of proven performance in the field
  • Trusted by OEMs and end-users worldwide


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